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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art Smart

Google's "Art Project", unveiled yesterday, is FREE, and allows people to discover thousands of pieces of art from around the world (and as an artist this is something near and dear to my heart)...  it's like Google Maps but for Art Museums with 360 degree views.  One can navigate as if you're standing in the museum viewing a room of paintings and sculpture.  You can view an individual piece of art and a super close-up of the art.
Along the lines of social networking, and if you have a google account (gmail), you can make a collection of your favorite art to be shared with others...

 Van Gogh
Looks luscious enough to eat
The homepage shows the different views

The Palace of Versaille

There are currently 17 major art museums represented on the website and I'm sure this is just the beginning...
At Artinfo.com you can read more about the project and another art project, "Art-sy". 

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