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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrifty Fashion

I know that each time I post about some fashion item and either I or one of YOU out there goes and buys this, or any new item for that matter, we are making a bigger footprint... using up more of our planets natural resources, limited resources and adding to landfill.  Ok, so I got that off my chest... anyway when I saw that I could donate to a wonderfully creative project called All Thrifty States, "A woman on a mission to document what America throws away", visiting 50 states and their thrift stores, as a way to create awareness of a way to repurpose and recycle... attempting to shrink the collective footprint one thrift store at a time...
Meet Jenna Pfueller and her website...

The site is entertaining with photos of some bizarre things she's found and photographed at thrift stores organized by states, like fornicating taxidermic frogs and an ACDC snowglobe!
photo by Jenna Pfueller

Her goal... to bring attention to our national spending habits... and maybe we would think twice before spending on things we don't really need.  Maybe we would find fashion in the used and vintage and reduce not only our debt but our footprint.... WOW!
Go Girl... check it out and you can donate to her cause on KICKSTARTER.

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