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Monday, December 6, 2010

Overrated List

What's overrated for me might bring pleasure to another... so don't hate me ("because I'm...") for my list:

- Mail
- Shrimp
- Coach bags
- Skiing
- National Junior Honor Society (this one will make enemies)
- Salmon
- Rachel Ray
-  iPads (and I LOVE Apple products)
- BBMing!
- "Dancing With The Stars" (Yuck)
- Pottery Barn furniture
- UGGs (for 30+)
- lonnnnng School Vacations
- Droid phone
- BMW and Mercedes SUV's
- Starbucks
- Harry Potter movies
- Antique Reproductions
- Rudeness
- Panini Presses
- Scented Candles
- expensive Broadway Musicals
- Adult evenings discussing 'the kids' and nothing else!

Love to hear from you about what's on your overrated list...
My underrated list is much bigger and probably less offensive too. Stay tuned this week for that one.

Inspiration from Art Basel Miami which took place this past weekend... wish I could have attended!

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  1. Why Lisa, I love the idea of your overrated list....but I am finding myself on it more than a few times!!!! BTW....loved Gallo Nero's grilled octopus! XoXo