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Friday, December 10, 2010

One Down and One to Go

TWO things are at the top of my list lately as far as purchases go... a special DRESS for a very special occasion and a CAR (my lease is up soon). I'm lucky I guess that I am able to think about that and not where my next meal is coming from or where I will sleep tonight!
Yesterday I went to lunch with two friends and we stopped into one of my favorite dress shops, Spotlight Italia, to look and to my delight I walked out with 'the dress', it was "bashert", which means destiny in Yiddish... It looks great on... the stretch fabric shapes to your body...

It has a 'blouson effect' with a tight fitting skirt and the top fabric is loose with a v-neck

The CAR, that's another story.... I've done so much research and test driven so many cars/SUV's that I'm in overdrive, it's overkill... go ahead, ask me a question about almost any vehicle and I've been there and have an opinion (of course) because that's what makes me a blogger... OPINIONS!
The only thing I think I know is that I want a seven passenger hauler for my kids, my dog, and their friends... and of course my husband.  The problem is that these things are real gas guzzlers and that bothers me.  If it wasn't for them I would drive some little thing, one of those funny looking abbreviated vehicles, that gets like 70 mph or so...

Thanks girlfriends for all your support, it was fun too!

Car suggestions anyone?!

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