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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gifts with Zazzle

One of my favorite websites is Zazzle... Zazzle for customized stamps, clothing and much more.  You can create your own custom stamp or t-shirt and now an iPhone case with a photo of anything you can think of and they make it so easy with their drag-and-drop design tools...
In the section of the website called 'Gift Center' they organize it by women, men, teens and kids.
For instance, the categories for teen gifts are broken down by type of teen, like techno, rockstar, artist, activist, etc...

I love how the tools have become so accessible and easy to use, allowing everyone to express their creativity.
Tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day you could have designed your own or purchased one of their designs for a sticker...

So maybe now you can start thinking about Easter or Passover or the 4th of July!

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