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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shoe Fix

Lately, I've been drowning in my 12 and 14 year old boys' pubescent moodiness... 'The Mom' gets the brunt of it too!  It's got me down in the dumps, feeling teary, not wanting to write...  there there... I know this sounds so shallow but yesterday I went shoe shopping and felt a little better...  Of course it did help that I had the emotional support of my best friend, my husband.
So with coupon in hand, I went to DSW looking for some dress shoes for a few affairs I have coming up this fall.  I bought both the first and second shoes I tried on... I guess I know what I like by now... to spot it from afar...
They both have platforms so the heel is not too steep and they're comfortable enough for an evening affair... though the best part is the price... and I had a coupon for an additional ten dollars off!

This one is fun and has a lot going on so I'll wear it with a simple black cocktail dress...

I wish they still had mens shoes at my DSW store (they are online), now that my kids are wearing mens' sizes... and they're growing and they like expensive basketball shoes!

What helps to cheer you up when you're blue?

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