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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bargain Bags

Is it the right shape, size, color and weight?... buying a bag or pacabook (in new yorkese) is not as easy as it seems... it's a very personal thing.  So I though I would pass along these 5 beauties which I think are great looking and even better on the wallet!

Accessories, accessories, accessories... they make the woman!

Now, just for fun... what's the most unusual thing you carry in YOUR BAG?

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  1. Oh foo - you are making me shop before i have had my first cuppa coffee! GREAT bags - like Bluefly one best. Most unusual. Hmm. 1st Aid-Type Kit? W/pens, pins, nail clips, nail polish 4 runners in nylons, bandaid & Neosporin, aspirin, etc? (Emergency stuff) Or that all the crap in the purse is separated in zip baggies 'cause I got tired of digging in bottom of purse for a pen or breath mints? What's the most unusual thing in YOUR bag?