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Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Me?... No You?... Jimmy Choo!

I feel like rhyming this morning so... Who me?... No you?... Jimmy Choo!
Besides Manolo Blahnik, it's Jimmy Choo!
My favorite shoe designers who create works of art using shoes, have never seen the inside of my closet!
Why is that?
They are out of my budget, that's why!
Boo Hoo Jimmy Choo
I love you... (oh, how corny).
Yesterday, after a shopping marathon, looking for a shoe to match a dress for a special occasion, with hard to match sequins (rectangular), that are kind-of-platinum... not silver, not gold... I came across the almost perfect shoes in Saks.  Why almost perfect you ask, because they cost $750!!!!!!!!... that's why!  I put them on and almost died... like when you're twelve and imagine being a princess... I wanted someone to be my witness to the beauty and perfection of these glittering, tastefully glittering gems.  I called my friend Jill right then, but no answer...  I even thought about buying them and then after wearing them for that special day,  I could rent them out?...
These photos do NOT do them justice...

Just in case you love them too and are considering buying them, although I hate you, they do come in two styles of pumps with the same beautiful color glitter.

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