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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walls of Snow

Everything looks different with THREE foot plus snow banks everywhere I turn while I'm driving... WHITE OUT!  When you're a person who uses visual landmarks to find your way around, even a familiar place, it's a little disorienting.  Instead of a mailbox or shrubs marking a spot,  eyeing massive white walls in their stead has thrown me off causing me to miss turns... Have you experienced this or not?
What perturbed me this morning were not the walls of snow but my forgetful number# 2 son.  When we were turning into the school parking lot this this morning at 6:58 (a 12 minute ride) for jazz band practice my son says, "Oh no mom, I forgot my backpack, drumsticks and music.  I'm really sorry!".  As I felt the heat rising up my neck I look over only to see that he is equipped with his headphones and ipod, that he doesn't forget... EVER!
Sucker that I am, I turned around and made another round trip along the route that I already so detest every Tuesday and Thursday morning... so you see how my morning went.  Oh, and at least this morning I was dressed, not like some mornings when I throw on a coat over my pajamas.  Although I had no makeup on (scary) and had to bring the backpack into the office, no one was there so I labeled it, put it on the shelf for pick up and left... phew!
So how was your morning?

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